The Life of Christ
in Words and Pictures

Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary     
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A Rich Man Goes Abroad: Mat, here are a thousand coins. Make some profit. Mat: But, sir, I ...QUOTES

open quote I commend Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary as an example of John’s work and an unusual and attractive method of telling the gospel story.close quote


Mary and Jesusopen quote We used the chapter “The Big Hearted Father” as part of our school mission week. It was a wonderful success - the focus of the week - and the children were really caught up in it. close quote


Roman soldiers beating Josephopen quote That was amazing. If only people could hear the gospel like that on Sundays at church - beautifully read but with the pictures. It brought it all so close and so alive. close quote


open quote Innovative and fresh approach to the gospels ... We had great fun with some of the fresh ideas included in the story and added our own interpretations ... we used modern props and each main character wore a different hat to symbolise their personality. close quote