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Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary     
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An Extract from Chapter 37, The Cry of Lazarus... 

The people are shouting out. Jesus says: One night, God was resting on his favourite cloud, when Abraham passed by. God says: Abe, my friend, what's all that shouting down there?

God says: I can hear men, women and children crying out desperately. Go down and find out what's wrong, please. Old Abraham put on his sandals, grabbed his stick and set out, just as he had on his first big trek from Ur of the Chaldees. Within seconds, he was back. Abe says: Lord, it's a terrible sight down there. God says: What's up Abe? Abe says: People are hungry everywhere.

God says: But I don't understand. I gave them a world full of plants and animals and fish, more than enough to last. Abe says: But you're forgetting human greed, Lord. A few have grabbed all the land. The rest are beggars.

From Book 3 of Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary, available from this site.