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Book 1, Chapter 8: The Last Night in Bethabara

Book 2, Chapter 24: Like a Mustard Seed

Book 3, Chapter 39: A Storm on the Lake

Book 4, Chapter 55: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth

Book 5, Chapter 71: What God Has Joined Together

Book 6, Chapter 86: The Blood of the Galileans

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The next chapters will be available from Saturday 23 February (London/Dublin time). Book 9 is the final book.

There are 144 chapters altogether, spread over nine books. Books 7 to 9 are currently reserved for print only, as the books have only just been published (November 2017). But if you stick with us on here, you will eventually be able to read all the available chapters. If you’re new to this, it is best to start with Book 1, and leave later books until you come to them, though feel free to dip in. If you want to start right at the beginning, you’ll have that opportunity for a week from Saturday 27 April, when we start all the books again.

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