The Life of Christ
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Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary     
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Chapters available free online.

You can follow the whole story here, week by week.

Book 1, Chapters 1, 2 and 3: A Long Time Ago in Galilee, Walking to Jordan River and A Voice in the Desert

Book 2, Chapters 18 and 19: A Madman Wants to Come In and Peter’s Mother-in-law

Book 3, Chapter 34: The Big-hearted Father

Book 4, Chapters 49 and 50: Jerusalem, “City of Peace” and A Tavern in Bethany

Book 5, Chapters 65 and 66: Foreign Dogs and By the Power of Beelzebub

Book 6, Chapter 81: At Jacob’s Well

Book 7, Chapters 96 and 97: Street Women Streets Ahead and The Fires of Gehenna

Book 8, Chapters 112 and 113: Gethsemene Garden and With Swords and Clubs

Book 9, Chapter 128: “May Your Joy be Complete”

Available to view until Friday night.

The next chapters will be available from Saturday 29 April (London/Dublin time). Book 9 is the final book.

If you’re new to this, it is best to start with Book 1, and leave later books until you come to them, though feel free to dip in.

You can get access to all a book’s chapters at once by buying on-line access from us. You can also buy the printed books. In so doing, you will help us to continue the work of producing the chapters, bringing Fr John’s text to life. Any profits will go to the Rural Libraries Project in Peru, which was set up by Fr John. See information about the project here in a Spanish language blog (there is a Google translation button). Sarah’s Rural Libraries is a way to donate directly to them. If you do, please add the code JSOG after your name, so we know you got there from here.

Buy on-line access and the printed version of Books 1 to 9 here.

If you have already bought on-line access, do log in here.

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